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Things do not change, we do. - Henry David Thoreau

Political action is the highest responsibility of a citizen. - John F. Kennedy

A man that studieth revenge keeps his own wounds green. - Francis Bacon

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. - Don Marquis

Talent develops in quiet places, character in the full currnt of human life. - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

The best religion is the most tolerant. Delphine de Girardin

Insanity is often logic of an accurate mind overtaxed. Oliver Wendell Homes, Sr

Knowledge can be communicated but not wisdom. Hermann Hesse

If you're never scared or embarrased or hurt, it means you never take any chances.
Julia Sorel

NEWSBYTES FOR MAY - Updated 5/27/02

Notice: June is International Men's Month and includes Men's Health Week June 10-16 in the US/CAN/UK/NSW. Click on "Today" on the side bar to see information on today's men's issue.

We Can Beat AIDS, TB And Malaria, UN Agencies Say
WHO Issues Essential Medicines List
South Dakota Governor Says Hundreds Will Be Tested For AIDS
AIDS Fund Issues Million In Grants
Protesters Rally Against US Role In AIDS Fight
South African Gold Mining Giant Finds Up To 30 Percent Of Work Force Is HIV Positive

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Risks Of Arthritis Drugs Studied
Supermarket Chain Pulls Oxycontin
Clinical Trial Protections Sought
Rheumatoid Drug May Prolong Life
Widely Used Arthritis Pills May Be New Treatment For Cancer



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Treating Conditions Associated With Asthma Reduces Emergency Department Visits
Treating Seasonal Allergies Early Keeps Children Healthy Now, In Future
Tepid Temperatures Speed Allergy Season
 Study Links Single Molecule To Body's Healing Process

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Potato Chips, French Fries May Contain Cancer-Causing Substance
New Technology Spots Lung Tumors
Diluted Drugs May Impact Thousands
New Breast Cancer Gene Identified
Even Moderate Caloric Restriction Lowers Cancer Risk In Mice

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My Child Is Shoplifting
Am I Too Fat or Too Thin?
Kids and Alcohol






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Mild Kidney Disease Doubles Risk Of Death After Angioplasty Or Bypass
New Evidence That Dietary Soy And Flaxseed Have Positive Effect On Obesity And Diabetes
Diabetes Tied To Altering Of The Heart's Circadian Clock
Obesity Epidemic For Children Brings Pain Of Diseases, Social Stigma
New Study Finds Need For Improved Nutrition For Low-Income African Americans
New Indicators For Predicting Hypertension In African-American Males

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Lives Improve Through Engineering: LITE Program for Girls Only!
Tell Scholastic to Stop Sponsoring the Exploitation of Children
Ten Ways to Encourage Daughters' Participation in Sports
Take a Video Store Field Trip




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New Findings Represent The First Aerobic Capacity QTLs Identified In Genetic Models
Gender Differences In Fatigue Explained By The Use Of The Body's Aerobic Pathways
High Protein Diets Cause Dehydration, Even In Trained Athletes
Dip In Icy Water May Help Runners
Pop a Pill, Get in Shape
Doping Widespread In Britain
Creatine: A Parent's Nightmare

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Declining Physical Activity Levels Are Associated With Increasing Obesity
What You Should Know About Steroids
Still No Effective Treatment For Post-Lyme Disease Symptoms
Medical Information about Cancer
Helmet and Head Injuries
Smart Supermarket Shopping
Why Does Hair Turn Gray?
Nicotine Shows Anti-Depressant Effects In An Animal Model Of Depression

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Young Adults Don't Heed Warning Message Of Heart Attack Or Stroke In Family
Mercury Ups Heart Disease Risk
Non-Traditional Roles May Boost Risk Of Heart Disease And Death
Triggers For Sudden Cardiac Death Differ By Gender
  Hospitals Face Prospect Of More Angioplasties
  What Causes Patients To Delay Seeking Medical Help?
  Public/Private Partnership Expands To Boost Promotion Of Healthy Eating To Reduce The Risk Of Disease
  Mexican Americans More Likely To Die Of Heart Disease Than Caucasians
  FDA OKs Guidant Aneurysm Treatment

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Heptatis C - The Stealth Virus
Why a 12-Step program for HCV?
Tattoos & Hepatitis C
Your or Someone You Know has Hepatitis C





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Obesity Epidemic For Children Brings Pain Of Diseases, Social Stigma
Even Moderate Caloric Restriction Lowers Cancer Risk In Mice
Four New Studies Strongly Suggest That Components From Three Types Of Red Berry Fruits Help Arteries
Basic Motion Measuring Technology May Be Alternative To More Expensive Testing Procedures
New Evidence That Dietary Soy And Flaxseed Have Positive Effect On Obesity And Diabetes

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Tired And Angry? Both Emotions May Predict Heart Attacks
Bush May Back Mental Health Coverage
Anticonvulsant Drugs Found To Impact On Epileptic Children's Ability To Recall Information
Research Yields New Insights Into Molecular Control Of Addiction

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Re-Reading Lessons: Seeking a Second View
The Prostate Plan
New Prostate Cancer Vaccine to Be Tested
University Scientist Tests Prostate Cancer Vaccine
San Diego-Based Biotech Firm Corvas Explores Using Anthrax to Fight Cancer
New Prostate Cancer Marker Tested

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Nutrition Status Affects Cognitive Impairment In The Elderly
Exercise Said Best For Blood Pressure
Walking Aids Older People's Arterial Elasticity, Helping Heart
High Protein Diets Cause Dehydration, Even In Trained Athletes
A Popular Japanese Plum, Now Available In The US, May Help Prevent The Onset Of Cardiac Disease

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Cloning Doctor Claims Three Clone Pregnancies Under Way But Offers No Details
Strange Signals From Breastfeeding
Interim Report Says Abstinence Programs Are 'Changing The Local Landscape' In Teen Pregnancy Prevention Efforts
It's Past Time for this Ex-Gay Business to Get with It
Report Finds No Evidence That Abstinence-Only Counseling Prevents Teen Sex, Pregnancy, Disease
Panel Votes On Sexual Abstinence Anyway

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Sleepsex: A newly-discovered sleep
Is sleepsex a sleep "disorder?"
What kind of sex do people engage in during sleepsex?
Can having sleepsex be problem?
What causes sleepsex?
Can sleepsex be treated?
Where can people with sleepsex experiences find information and support?

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The Assisi Decalogue






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Tattoos & Hepatitis C Know the risks
Youth Not Young at Heart
Acne Isn't About Chocolate
High-Intensity Physical Training Improves Cardiovascular Fitness In Obese Adolescents
Making the Shift to Bike Safety
Inhalants A Widespread Problem
Here's What Happens When You 'Huff' an Inhalant

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Binge Drinking's Swift Toll
Things You Learn from Kids
Gene Activity Separates Us from Primates
Test Drug Drives Up 'Good' Cholesterol
Simple Ways You Can Reduce Job Stress
Mom Strips for Her 10-Year Old Daughter's Birthday Party Guests
Britain Plans to Outlaw Paternity Tests Without Mother's or a Court's Consent 
Circumcision Results in Sexual Losses

  more miscellaneous articles

"I often want to cry. That is the only advantage women have over men - at least they can cry." Jean Rhys


Exclusionary Play
The Power of Feminine Grace
The Dumbest Pickup Lines of all Time
Am I Her Pet?
Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Issues
Feel All Your Feelings Deeply
Sleep Sex



The respect that is only bought by gold is not worth much. - Frances Ellen Watkins Harper


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