Testicular Cancer Awareness Week

Prostate Cancer Awareness Week

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NEWSBYTES FOR OCTOBER - Updated 10/28/02

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Technique May Improve Safety Of Donated Blood
Secretary Thompson Signs Agreement With Mozambique 

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Children With Asthma Are Often Exposed to Smoke and Pets Health Authorities In Thailand Warn Against Pinkeye Outbreak

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Tumor Variations May Affect Response To Antiangiogenic Therapy
A-Bomb Survivors At Increased Risk Of Nervous System Tumors

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Shared Custody Could Prevent Abductions
High-Profile ‘Deadbeat Dad' Raids Won't Fix Child Support System Badly in Need of Reform

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Moderately High Homocysteine Tied To Stroke, Alzheimer's Risk
Biotech Cos. Race To Replace Needles

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Don't Delay Flu Shots for Babies and Toddlers This Fall
Swaddling May Reduce the Risk of SIDS for Some Infants

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American Obesity Ballooning
Food for Thought for Obesity Experts

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Snuff Maker Reportedly Settles Case
Smokers Learn Hard Lesson ; Celebs Regret Habit; Hope For The Quitters

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Expanded Use For Clot-Busting Drugs
Group Aims To Close Cardiac Care Gap

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Counselors Say Order Birth Affects Behavior Of Adults
Mental Health Benefits of Marriage

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What Keeps Low-Income Dads Involved?
Success with More than English-Only

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New Predictive Marker Found for Prostate and Colon Cancer
Got Soy? New Research Focusing on Soy Role in Prevention of Prostate Cancer in U.S. Males

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Healthy Living: Get Moving! Add Daily Exercise To Fitness Mix, Experts Say
MRI Can Predict Risk Of Heart Attacks

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Contraceptive Being Recalled
HHS Won't Support Pregnancy Bill


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Girl Smokers At Higher Risk ; Could Double Chances Of Breast Cancer
Have a Chronic Illness? You're Not Alone

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Controversial Report Explores Male Victims of Violence
The WHO Report on Violence


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Restlessness and discontent are the necessities of progress. - Thomas Edison


Emotional Abuse Defined
She's a lot Taller than You
Being "Friends" First
Get Over Being Shy!!
What are the chances of pregnancy if he pulls-out?
Accentuate the Positive
Habits are Hard to Break
The Grandfather
Exercise with Care
While Wearing Jockey Shorts, Do Men Pee Through the Fly-Hole, Over the Top, or Under the Leg?
Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day
Penis Enlargement
In Fathering, First Things First



Have you ever noticed what golf spells backwards? - Al Boliska


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