Testicular Cancer Awareness Week

Prostate Cancer Awareness Week

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The most important thing men have to do is to stir up the zeal of men themselves. -- Adapted from John Stuart Mill by Gordon Clay

Political action is the highest responsibility of a citizen. - John F. Kennedy

To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to leave the world a better place, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The wolf loses his teeth, but not his inclinations. - Spanish proverb

NEWSBYTES FOR AUGUST - Updated 9/23/02

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Action: Would you find a commercial that shows a man using a computer to simulate the sexual mutilation a woman funny? Well, check out from Progressive Insurance. Then check out www.menstuff.org/issues/byissue/progressive.html on what to do and send the information to everyone in your address book

Action: Let's Get Rid of Whales and Dolphins

September 11 - Resources to help kids cope

Elton John Urges More AIDS Funds
EU Pledges More Money To Fight AIDS In Poor Countries

more aids/hiv articles

Dirt and Dust Arm You Against Allergies
Summer Scourges: Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac

  more allergy articles
  more asthma articles

Radiation Pill Distributed In Illinois
Scientists Begin Urgent Meeting On Cancer Fears From Acrylamide In Food

more cancer articles

Take a Look at Cooking
Swimmer's Ear


more children's articles

Significant Health Disparities Threaten Native American Children And Youth
Doctors Treat Diabetes Personally

more diabetes articles

Building Strong Daughters
Keep Speaking for Title IX


more fathering articles

Vitamin-Rich Foods May Reduce Alzheimer's Risk
Scientists Begin Urgent Meeting On Cancer Fears From Acrylamide In Food

  more fitness articles
more nutrition articles

Study Offers New Insights Into Overcoming Disparities In Health
Increased Risk Of Cancer In Long-Term Hodgkin's Survivors

more health articles

Linoleic Acid Intake May Help Cut Stroke Risk
High Nighttime Blood Pressure Can Be An Ominous Sign

  more heart articles

Attacks Force New Thinking On Mental Health And Trauma
9/11 Caused Stress In Many Americans

   more mental health articles

Childhood Cancer: Osteosarcoma
Preventing Violence in Schools






more parenting articles

Heart Disease Gene Linked to Prostate Cancer
Wake Forest-John Hopkins Team Discovers Prostate Cancer Gene
Novel Gene Product Facilitates Suicide Gene Tracking in Male Cancers
Casodex Reduces Disease, Tumor Progressions
Dietary Change May Prevent Disease Progression
Men "Unwilling" to Discuss Cancer

more prostate articles

Flu Vaccine a Must for the Elderly
Is Male Menopause A Myth?

more senior health articles

Suburbs See Rise In Low Birthweights
FDA Advisers Plug Hepatitis B Drug

more sexuality articles

Teens Represent 25% of new STDs Cases
Myths About Acne

more teens articles

Why Put Your Kids Through Emergency First Aid Training?
Global Disparities in Male Longevity

  more miscellaneous articles

"I often want to cry. That is the only advantage women have over men - at least they can cry." Jean Rhys


Strengthening the Marriage
Do Real Men say, "I love you."
How Can I Get Women to Approach Me?
How Can I Get Him Off the Fence?
Dating Dilemmas
"What stories do you tell yourself ?"
Spiritual Capitalism



The respect that is only bought by gold is not worth much. - Frances Ellen Watkins Harper


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World AIDS Day
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