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NEWSBYTES FOR JUNE - Updated 6/24/02

Notice: June 10-16 is Men's Health Week in the US, CAN, UK, NSW. It's time to get a health screening. To do so, go to www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/WSIHW000/9273/24369/282699.html?d=dmtContent&k=wellx408x24369
Notice: June is International Men's Month and includes Men's Health Week June 10-16 in the US/CAN/UK/NSW. Click on "Today" on the side bar to see special information on today's men's issue.
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Swedish Medical Company Reports Strong Results In Early Tests Of HIV Drug
South African AIDS Rates Slightly Lower
Debate Over AIDS Prevention Bill Frays Tempers In Cambodia's Parliament
Bush To Propose AIDS Initiative
Drug Used In Treatment Of Alcoholism May Have Role In Treatment Of HIV
Scientists Optimistic That AIDS Vaccine Could Be Developed In Africa
Researchers Develop HIV Fighter
Europe Becoming Complacent Over HIV Prevention

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Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis at Home Sweet Home
Research Shows Promise For New Class Of Anti-Inflammatory Drug
Arthritis Drug May Cause Liver Damage
Report Links Vioxx To Meningitis
Limited Mobility Bra
Medical Uncertainty
Geriatrics Society Guidelines Give Hints To Older People On How To Live Without Pain
New Studies Add To Vioxx Debate



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Obesity And Smoking Increase Asthma Risk
Raising An Asthmatic Child
pH Offers Simple Test For Airway Inflammation
Report Finds Smog A Killer In L.A. County
Panel Pushes Asthma Campaign
Gearing Up For The Allergy Seasons: New And Old Treatments For Allergies And Asthma
Pets And Parental Family History Increase The Risk Of Developing Asthma
New Zealand Researchers To Test Theory That Rural Environment Provides Resistance To Asthma 

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Trace Proteins in Stool May Point to Colon Cancer
Global Alliance Between European Commission And WHO To Fight Against Communicable Diseases, Tobacco And Other Health Threats
Lawsuit: Cancer Drug Maker Illegally Kept Cheaper Generic Off Market
Pharmaceutical Companies Opt for Copy-Cat Drugs Instead of Researching for New and Better Solutions
Expanding Horizons, And Expectations, In Cancer Care
New Testicular Cancer Warning
War On Tobacco Rages On Multiple Fronts
Cancer And Childbirth: Mutually Exclusive No Longer 

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  Why Does Eating Ice Cream Give Me a Headache?
 Diets, Caffeine, Cooking   Intervention in Over 50% of Births
Should You Child See a Therapist?
 Wearing a Bicycle Helmet
 FDA Suspends Drug-Testing Rule
 Getting Calcium On Young Girls' Radar


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Traveling with Diabetes
Interactive Baseball Meal
Can A New Treatment Reverse Autoimmune Diseases?
Moderate Drinking May Fend Off Diabetes
Study Gives Hope To Minority Diabetics
Compound Identified In Grapes May Fight Cancer And Diabetes
Study Raises Questions On Widespread Prescribing Of Diabetic Footwear
Diabetes to Double in Ten Years

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What's It Like to Have a Cerain Illness?
Choosing a College with Lower Admission Standards
The Scoop on Strep Throat
What Is Ritalin?
How to Let Your Father Know You Care
Testosterone test offers clue to a man's fidelity
The Greatest Gift My Dad Ever Gave Me
Some Things to Thank Your Father For



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Health Officials Warn Against 'Epidemic' Of Sedentary Lifestyle In Asia
New Hope For Weight Loss
Getting Adults To Exercise May Hinge On Providing Paths And Pretty Scenery
Biological Evidence Can Persuade People To Change Unhealthy Habits
Letter Home: Your Child Is Overweight. Signed, Your School
At-Home Exercise Helps Caregivers Care For Themselves
More Exercise, Less Smoking May Extend, Enhance Life Even At Advanced Age
Crash Diet And Exercise Key To Reducing Obesity

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Why do doctors and surgeons use stitches?
Microsoft, UW develop program to treat autism syndrome online
Does Stress Really Cause Heart Disease? Scottish Study Questions Link
Pharmaceutical Companies Opt for Copy-Cat Drugs Instead of Researching for New and Better Solutions
Very Early Lyme Disease Rash Is Red Throughout, Not A Bull's-Eye
In Folding Proteins, Clues To Many Diseases
HHS Issues New Statistical Look At Women's Health
Making Medicines From Foods
Male Hip Fractures to Double
More Benefits of Folic Acid
Scots Still Die Young

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Study Can't Confirm Off-Pump Benefits In Heart Bypasses
Eliminating Health Disparities Requires Community Involvement
While-You-Wait Implantable Heart Assist Device Appears Effective
High Blood Pressure Drug Eases Vessel Stiffness, Lowers Systolic Pressures
Screening Families With A History Of High Cholesterol Is Most Cost Effective Way To Cut Heart Deaths
Magnesium Prevents Eclampsia And Saves Lives
State-Specific Trends In Self-Reported Blood Pressure Screening And High Blood Pressure
Men - Study: Looks, Heart Tops For Single Women

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Stressed? Frazzled? Fried?
Depressed People More Likely To Develop Parkinson's
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Now Recognized In Children
Long-Term Cognitive Impairment Found In Crack-Cocaine Abusers
Dopamine May Play Role In Cue-Induced Craving Distinct From Its Role Regulating Reward Effects
'Cheerleader' Brain Signal May Act As A Task Master, Science Study Suggests
Research Yields New Insights Into Molecular Control Of Addiction
Brain Signal Boosts As Monkey Nears Reward

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Fast Food At Nation's Top Hospitals

Unholy Guacamole: E. Coli Found In Mexican-Style Hot Sauce Samples
Meta-Analysis Of Zinc Supplementation Shows Positive Growth Effects For Infants And Children
Nutritional Value Of Enriched Egg Yolks As A Weaning Food For Infants
FDA Seizes New Choice Food Gel Candies
North Dakota Researcher Looks To Lower Flatulence From Bean Products
Carcinogen Found In Organically Grown Wheat Used As Chicken Feed
Dad Was Right, Broccoli Good For You

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PSA debate highlighted in Pittsburg paper
New Test Identifies Most Dangerous Prostate Cancers
Vitamin E Disables Receptor Responsible for Prostate Cancer
You Can Impact 2003 Govenment Spending toward Prostate Cancer Research. Act Now!
Prostate tumours 'kill one an hour'
Two-Drug Therapy is Best for Symptomatic Prostate Enlargement
Workplace Prostate Info Works  


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Medicare To Assist Chronically Ill
The Zinc Link to Alzheimer's
HHS Launches Effort To Support Ombudsmen's Efforts To Use Nursing Home Quality Data To Assist Families
Supportive Spouse, Family, Friends Contribute To 'Successful Aging'
More Exercise, Less Smoking May Extend, Enhance Life Even At Advanced Age
Obesity Threatens Americans Over 50
State-Specific Mortality From Stroke And Distribution Of Place Of Death
Baby Boomers Care For Parents At A Distance

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New Erectile Drug Lasts Longer Than Viagra
Sexual Dysfunction Drugs Pending FDA Approval
Nuva Ring
Catholics more obsessive?
Gonorrehea on Comeback Trail
Genital herpes affects one in six American men
Condom Kids on French TV - You've got to see this one if you're over 17 in the US or any age in most other countries.
Selecting & Installing Condoms
Teacher had sex with boy, 13

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What are You Learning in Sex Ed?
The Night to Always Remember?
Having a Healthy Pregnancy
Is Tattooing Safe?
So You Think Your High Schooler's Don't Know About Sex
Teens, Sex, & TV
Single-sex education works
UK Lags Behind US in Teenage Births


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Share your DV story with others – join Dads Talk
TV show addresses DV against men
Smacking Hurts Parents Too
Arizona Joins Growing Movement Against Medicaid Circumcisions
Lawyer challenges handcuff use on girls
Girl laughing minutes after killing, court told

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For The Guys: Building An Effective Men's Movement
Independent Means Newsletter
The invisible men in the child-care debate
No prenuptial
UK Doctors Forced to be Ethical
Honoring POWs
Facing the Demons Within
Family Ties

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The Report Card
Dating is a Numbers Game
Seduction Questions Answered
Making Eye Contact
The "Other" Sex: Understanding Men and Women
Being Conscious of the Differences in Ourselves and Others!



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