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The most important thing men have to do is to stir up the zeal of men themselves. -- Adapted from John Stuart Mill by Gordon Clay

Political action is the highest responsibility of a citizen. - John F. Kennedy

A man that studieth revenge keeps his own wounds green. - Francis Bacon

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. - Don Marquis

Talent develops in quiet places, character in the full currnt of human life. - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

The best religion is the most tolerant. Delphine de Girardin

Insanity is often logic of an accurate mind overtaxed. Oliver Wendell Homes, Sr

Knowledge can be communicated but not wisdom. Hermann Hesse

If you're never scared or embarrased or hurt, it means you never take any chances.
Julia Sorel

If we had more time for discussion we should probably have made a great many more mistakes. - Leon Trotsky

I have no regrets. I wouldn't have lived my life the way I did if I was going to worry about whaat people were going to say. - Ingrid Bergman

Things do not change, we do. - Henry David Thoreau

NEWSBYTES FOR JULY - Updated 7/29/02

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Technique May Improve Safety Of Donated Blood
Drug Manufacturers: Approving Generic AIDS Drugs Could Reduce Quality
Company Withdraws AIDS Drug Application
Court Rules Government Must Provide Key AIDS Drug To HIV-Positive Pregnant Women Despite Appeal Proceedings
Drug Manufacturers: Approving Generic AIDS Drugs Could Reduce Quality
HIV Infection Cases Surging Among Latinos
Initiative To Promote Access To Quality HIV Medicines Releases First Batch Of Results
California Is Tightening Rules On HIV Care
Helms Pledges To Seek AIDS Funding
California Is Tightening Rules On HIV Care

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FDA OKs Device To Treat Back Pain
Common Knee Surgery Doesn't Work
HHS Issues Report On Medical Innovation And Seniors
Staph-Link Protein May Help Arthritis
Labeling Changes For Arthritis Drug Celebrex
Arthritis Drug Can't Be Labeled As Safer
Was Celebrex's Safety Overstated?
Ways To Avoid Lyme Disease Infection
New Approach Against Lyme Disease



more arthritis articles

Asthma Kills Woman Near Colorado Fire
Students Join Scientists In Search Of Asthma Triggers
Gardening: Plants That Allergy Sufferers Should Avoid
Haze From Canadian Wildfires Lingers Over Northeast; Health Advisories Issued
Asthma Airway Remodeling Starts In Childhood And Continues Into Adulthood
Breaking The Mold: Toxic Growth In Homes, Offices Allegedly Making People Weak, Sick
Too Many Patients Diagnosed With 'Psychogenic Cough'
The Perils Of Pollen: Global Warming May Make Things Worse
Experimental Therapy Stops Allergic Reactions In Mice
Population Breathing Bad Air

  more asthma articles

Cancer Patients Need Weight Kept On
Cancer Nutrition Tips
Study Finds Pill Increases Cervical Cancer Risk In Some Women
The Pill May Increase The Risk Of Breast Cancer According To A Large Study Of Younger Women
Scientists Develop Markers Capable Of Detecting Minute Numbers Of Cancer Cells In Blood
Smokes Deadlier Than Labels Suggest
Cancer patients need to be educated about pain medications
60% of Men Burning in UK Sun
Mom Was Right, Broccoli Good For You
Experts to examine safety of chips, french fries

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  What Girls AND Boys Should Know about Breast Cancer
Surviving Stepsiblings
  How Do You Deal with Your Feelings?
  Friends can Make You Laugh and Cry
  Having Your Tonsils Out
  Memory Matters
  Why Does My Nose Run?
  When It's Just You in an Emergency
  What Are Freckles?

more children's articles

Diabetes mellitus
A Peptide, Responsible For A Wide Range Of Disorders, Is Produced At A Higher Rate In Patients With Nephrotic Syndrome
Children And Diabetes
Tips For Preventing Diabetes
More Tests For 'Pre-Diabetes' Urged
Don't Be Fooled About Your Oral Health: AAP Uncovers Common Misconceptions
Waist Circumference And Body Mass Index Predict Body Fat And Disease Risk
Delayed Childbirth May Have Long-Term Health Consequences For Mother
Study Links Diabetes Drug To Heart Failure
Diabetics Think They Can't Avoid Complications

  more diabetes articles

New! "KidsHealth Guide for Parents: Pregnancy to Age 5"
5 Year Olds Show Signs of Body Image Problems
Intestinal Malrotation
Physical Therapy
The Truth About Teeth
Top Ten Father Facts
What's a Funny Bone?
Dental Care Begins Before the First Tooth
Fighting the Biting
When Your Teen Is Having a Baby



  more fathering articles

Overweight Kids To Get Pedometers
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
High-Intensity Physical Training Improves Cardiovascular Fitness In Obese Adolescents
Doctor-Patient Collaboration Necessary To Change Unhealthy Behavior
Declining Physical Activity Levels Are Associated With Increasing Obesity
Health Clubs Need Defibrillators
Government Study: 7 In 10 Not Exercising
WHO Advises Basic Exercise To Beat Heart Disease, Diabetes

  more fitness articles

Why You Should Smile
Paying Cash for Medical Visits
Husbands Of Fibromylagia Sufferers In Slightly Poorer Health, More Depressed Than Other Men
New York Men Tell It Like It Is
Kellogg Foundation Releases Landmark Report on Men's Health
Tetanus and be Fatal
Men's Health Act Introduced in the Senate
Climate change linked to disease epidemics
Illness In Alzheimer's Vaccine Study
Steroid health dangers a "foul ball"
Scans can warn of Alzheimers
Caffeine may Damage Arteries

more health articles

Regular Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure In All Groups Of People
Gout Drug Shows Promise In Treating Chronic Heart Failure
Eating nuts lessens heart risk
Link Between Bypass, Mental Decline
New Blood-Pressure Drug Lowers Stroke Risk
Angioplasty Beats Clot-Busting Drug Treatment
Boy Receives Artificial Heart Pump
Prolonged Use Of Ramipril Prevents Stroke
Newer Kind Of Blood Pressure Pill Found Better At Preventing Strokes
Quick Test Accurately Diagnoses Congestive Heart Failure 

   more heart articles

Smoke Gets In Your Mind
Marijuana's Impact On Intelligence
Failure To Make Children Feel Valued And Loved Causes Lasting Damage
Lawsuits Link Mercury With Autism
Proteins Blamed For Alzheimer's
Bereaved Pet Owners Seek Support
Experiment In Mice May Lead To Early Test For Alzheimer's
Black Male Suicide Rates Increase
Women And Depression
Husbands Of Fibromylagia Sufferers In Slightly Poorer Health, More Depressed Than Other Men

   more mental health articles

Eggs With Antibodies Need Rules
Enhanced Baby Food Headed For Stores
Officials Discuss Food Vulnerability
USDA Plan To Downgrade Texas Cattle
USDA To Purchase Bison Meat For Nutrition Programs
Malaysian Fruit And Vegetable Exports Rejected For High Pesticide Levels
Energy Expenditure Differs By Race, Sex, And Weight Among Louisiana School Children
Peanut Allergy Alert For Cookies
Fast Food Piles On Calories
Generation X-Tra Large: Americans Getting Fatter Younger 

  more nutrition articles

Genetic Test May Help Diagnose Prostae Cancer
Prostate Cancer Hormonal Therapy May Increase Sexual And Physical Problems
Effect Of Diet On Risk Of Benign Prostate Disease In Middle-Aged Men
Free Prostate Cancer Treatment for Men in California
Accuracy of Prostate Cancer Test May be Influenced by Ethnicity
Cancer, Vasectomy Connection Disproved
Stem cell injection offers hope for prostate patients
Learn about constipation
Information for men with advanced prostats cancer
Notes about the prostate cancer screening controversy


more prostate articles

Alzheimer’s Disease With Psychotic Behaviors Aggregates In Families
Epilepsy Mistreated In The Elderly
High Protein Diet Along With Calcium And Vitamin D Increases Bone Mineral Density
114-Year-Old Japanese Woman With Taste For Sake Becomes Oldest Living Human
Mixed Review For Geriatric Treatment
Massive Increase In Eye Disease Predicted For United States
Chemotherapy Trial Proves The Worth Of Including Elderly Patients In Clinical Trials
The Pope's Message To Doctors
Past Socio-Economic Factors Influence Present Quality Of Life For The Old
Improper Medicare Payments Rate Declines Again In 2001

more senior health articles

In Sex Appeal, The Nose Knows
Why Women Live Longer than Men
Women Tout Contraception Bill
Myths Surrounding the Sexual Abuse of Males
The Pill May Increase The Risk Of Breast Cancer According To A Large Study Of Younger Women
Predictive Testing For Hereditary Breast And Ovarian Cancer: Its Effect On Women
Men's Reproductive Health Care Gets New Emphasis
Controversial Condom Ads Make Kenyan Adolescents Squirm And Adults Fume
Single Men Testosterone Driven
New Drug Boosts Female Sex Response, Liquid Heightens Arousal When Applied to Female Genitals

more sexuality article

Study Finds Arts Education is Critical to Thinking
Eliminating Title IX Opportunities at Howard University
Girls' Athletics Under Imminent Threat
Ignoring Testicular Lumps Can Cause Unnecessary Deaths - Get Medical Help Early
Boys Suffer Ass Kicking from Dates
Is Competition Losing the Fun Aspect?
Connecting With Your Coach
What's It Like to Stay in the Hospital?
What You Need to Know About Drugs
What Are Wrinkles



more teens articles

United Nations Officially Publishes NOCIRC/ARC Written Intervention in Geneva
Arizona Joins Growing Movement Against Medicaid Circumcisions
Circumcision Causes Lifelong Harm, Concludes New Research
Big Bucks in Baby Foreskins
Distribute a flyer on DV against men
"Violent Touch: Breaking Through the Stereotype"
Texas Declares DV projects that Focus on Children or Men Ineligible
States cannot discriminate in DV funding
A male victim every 14 seconds!
Man Loses his Ass in Alabama - And not Gambling

  more violence articles

The Feds Won't Act, So California Does
California Takes Lead on Auto Emissions
Lyme Disease Warnings Renewed As Pest Population Appears to Rise
The Fight Against Global Warming
One Pound Baby Pearl
Would you give a kidney to a stranger?
Pat Tillman Turns Down $3.6 mil
First Vietnam War Medal of Honor to Prisoner of War
Alert: evidence of common sense at Harvard?
Hitler's Black Victims: The historical experiences of blacks in Nazi Germany

 more miscellaneous articles

"I often want to cry. That is the only advantage women have over men - at least they can cry." Jean Rhys


How to Pass the Physical Attraction Test
The Dad I want to Be
Approaching Groups of Women
Handling a Difficult Close
Is It Platonic?
Infidelity--What's really going on?
Tips for Beginning Yoga Practice



The respect that is only bought by gold is not worth much. - Frances Ellen Watkins Harper


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