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Prostate Cancer Awareness Week

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NEWSBYTES FOR JANUARY - Updated 12/29/02

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Exposure To Hepatitis C Has No Effect On Antiretroviral Treatment Outcomes In HIV Patients
Young HIV Carriers Unaware Of Virus

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Asthma Education For Patients And Caregivers Improves Self-Management
Researchers Explore Ways To Better Manage Asthma

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L'Haim - Concord Grape Juice Helps Prevent Cancer
Transplant Drug Could Improve Success Of Cancer Radiotherapy

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Should We Help To Create Disabled Babies?
How the Body Works



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Growth Hormone, Sex Steroid Combination "Not Ready For Prime Time"
Footwear Used By Individuals With Diabetes And A History Of Foot Ulcer

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Helping Her Cope with Stress and Uncertainty
Helping Families of Incarcerated Fathers

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"Economy Class" Lawsuits May Proceed Soon
American Heart Association Weighs In On Fat Substitutes

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Grandpa's Diet Affects Grandkids' Well-Being
Many Don't Grasp Info on Risks of Medical Research

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Aneurysm Screening Saves Lives
Artificial Heart Advocates Upbeat

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Exploring The Relationship Between Alcoholism And Serotonin One Step At A Time
Teen-Age Girls, Depression, Alcoholism, And Brain Activity

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Choking Risks for Children
Stroller Injuries Are Common Among Young Children


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Reduced risk of prostate cancer among patients with diabetes mellitus
Clinical results on high intensity focused ultrasound presented at congresses

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Aneurysm Screening Saves Lives
Study On Suicide Reveals Faith, Social Ties As 'Protective' For Older African Americans

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Casual Sex Making a Comeback
Syphilis At All-Time Low In U.S.

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Is Exercise Safe for Teens?
What You Should Know About Date Rape

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Testing Urged To Diagnose Pre-Diabetic Condition
Who's Chicken at Chicken Soup

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A woman obsessed with her body is also obsessed with the limitations of her emotional life. - Kim Chernin


Our Family Beds
Players Aren't All Bad
Dating Basics
My Unfaithful Girlfriend
The Gift of the Future
Food Choices


Read Up on Your Mate
A New Interpretation of an Old Myth: Oedipus Rex reconsidered
Are Porn Tapes Bad for Guys to Watch?
Focus on Health, Safety & Fun
Myth # 281: Medical Research is Biased Against Women
Shaving Makes Your Hair or Beard Grow Back Thicker
The Evolution of the Penis Enlargement
Widowers Peak: As Males Live Longer, More Are, Unexpectedly, All Alone
Building Trust In Relationships...



Peace is not only better than war, but infinitely more arduous. - George Bernard Shaw


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